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New Year's Resolutions and new resources

by Stanley January 15, 2013

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    So here we are in the new year, yes I know I am a bit late on my new year post here, but I really havn't had much to say on the subject of New Year's Resolutions. I have pretty much given up on making any resolutions a few years ago. On par for the course of the majority of us, I find that by March or April I have given up on my resolutions and gone back to my old ways. My resolutions to lose weight, get fit, eat better, etc. all fail because life just seems to get in the way and I lose my patience with trying to do all the extra work.

    So this year I have taken some time to think more about my resolutions and I have decided that instead of going out and joining the gym, getting a trainer or going on some fad diet program, that I would instead just set smaller goals. I decided that this year will be a big year not because I spent a crap load of money on things I will give up in a few months, but because I plan to make it through the year with my new resolutions being kept.

So this years resolutions are:

  1. Get my diabetes and choloestorol under control.
  2. Get one extra contract above the one I am working on now. Meaning I will resign this one for the rest of the year and work one other contract outside of this company.
  3. Write at least one blog entry each month.
  4. Learn more about jQuery and integrate it into all of my web projects.
  5. Create no less than six web templates that I can use on my website or sell to clients.   

    None of that really sounds to complex or expensive. Each one in fact I believe will help make me a better person, which is what I believe the intent of New Year's Resolutions should be. I have already started on #1 by going to my doctor and getting back on my meds and downloading an app to track my blood sugar. Number 2 will be something that hopefully can be done with #4 and #5. I do plan to use this post as my first blog post of the year, but not because of this first part. Instead below I am going to talk about some new resources I have found over the last few weeks.

   So below here I have some new resources that I hope to make great use of this year in my work.

  1. Pluralsight Training - Although this is not really new to me, I have decided that I need to add it to this list because it is such a great resource. The video's are always of good quality and the content extremely useful.
  2. Iris Classon's Blog - Iris came to my attention from another blog (sorry I do not remember who's blog) and what really got my attention was her "Stupid Question of the Day" posts. This is one of the best ideas I have heard from anyone who is learning anything. Check it out, I think you will agree that the concept is really helpful in any field you may be working in.
  3. CSS Tricks - This site always has some neat CSS or jQuery code. I do not always have a use for what they post, but it does not hurt to learn something new as you never know when it will become useful.
  4. Techdirt - This site posts some great articles about the not just the I.T. industry, but they follow some great issues such as all the issues with our Patent system and the Patent trolls.
  5. CodeVisually - This site has a ton of resources for jQuery tools and code. I have yet had the time to go through them all or try many of them out, but I love it when I can find that many resources in one place.
  6. Google - I cannot say enough about learning to search for things on your own. It is a big pet peave of mine to have to go do a search that someone could have done them self, but they instead chose to just ask someone they thought could just give them the answer. Use it people, it won't hurt you. Go past the first page as well. Not every answer is right there on the first page.
  7. StackOverflow - All I can say here is, OMG I love this place. If I cannot find it via google this is stop #2. Of course about 95% of the time google takes me here anyway, but if not I know that I can always ask my question and within a day I have my answer or at least enough help to point me in the right direction.

    Well I guss that is enough for now. As I come across more resources I will add them in another post.



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